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Sometimes you just have to stop the snark and offer up a hearty “congratulations”!

My friend and partner-in-crime, Libby Juliá-Vázquez, just completed six years of blogging under her current blog, Moments in My Head. And for anyone who knows how tough blogging can be, you know it’s a serious accomplishment and an impressive milestone.

Libby is one of the most gifted writers I know. Her work is a fluid combination of elegant prose and earnest introspection that manages to speak to anyone, man or woman. I always feel like I’ve learned a little something after reading each post.

For those of you who haven’t read her stuff, please do so now (it’s what Frodo would have wanted). And if you like that adorable avatar of hers, check out the work of the very gifted Xeno Martinez.

Congratulations, Libby! See you at the 10-year anniversary of Moments in My Head!

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