Who am I?

A Novelist

I published my first book, Solstice, in 2007. I’m currently working to complete two new novels in 2016: Equinox and an untitled project to be released in June.

You can learn more about Solstice and these new projects on this site. I also keep a production journal to keep track of how these projects evolve over time.

A Communications and Marketing Specialist

I’m currently serving as the Director of Communications and Marketing for The Resurrection Project, a nonprofit organization in Chicago. I develop strategic concepts and plans, and then implement them on the tactical level, all the while focusing on optimizing my resources-to-outcomes ratio to ensure we prioritize those projects with the greatest impact.



Fully fluent in Spanish.

A Charity Marathon Runner

I ran the 2015 Chicago Marathon in support of Chicago Lights.

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Writer and Novelist

Learn more about my fiction, including my upcoming projects, using the slider to the right.

Graphic Designer

I’ve developed more than 700 B2B and B2C marketing pieces for corporate, nonprofit, and small business organizations.


Adobe InDesign Proficiency


Adobe Illustrator Proficiency


Adobe Photoshop Proficiency

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I’ve produced two gala videos, several short features, and started a dedicated news program called TRPtv. Here are samples of works I’ve produced and edited.



Five years of directing creative departments in the nonprofit sector have helped shape my approach to communications and marketing. Consider the following:

Resources-to-Outcomes Ratio (ROR)

In 2014, I developed a prioritization model that measured the resources committed to a project and what the anticipated reach of it was. I called it theResources-to-Outcomes Ratio, which forces us to ask: accounting for the resources it takes to complete Project A, can we get similar or greater results by committing those resources elsewhere?

Return on Financial, Social Impact, and Influence

Marketing, especially in the nonprofit sector, is more than just about generating revenue. It’s about generating social impact and building influence. Expanding upon Raul Raymundo’s Return on Financial and Social Impact (ROFSI) model, I developed ROFSII, which measures ROI along three primary axes: Revenue Generated, Social Impact Achieved, and Influence Built.

Moneyball Marketing

When asked to monetize a hyper-local news site, I proposed a model of sustainability by turning it into an incubator of community journalists. When I proposed the creation of a dedicated news program, TRPtv, we produced three successful pilot episodes for less than $200 that helped us gain a $4,000 budget for new equipment. When staffing shortages created deadline challenges, we identified marketing advocates within the organization to train as secondary designers. When confronted with very real financial and resource limitations, I’ve been creative in shifting the parameters of the situation to make better use of our available resources. I call it the Moneyball approach to marketing.

Social Media as Influence Builder

I’ve written articles calling social media the Great Equalizer: it allows small businesses and nonprofit organizations to generate the kind of effective marketing once reserved for only the biggest corporations. As a result, I’ve ramped up social media engagement in my two directorial positions, focusing on building up a following in order to increase the chance of exponential engagement. Every follow, like, and retweet represents an opportunity to engage dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people outside your immediate sphere of influence. Today, social media strategy is a cornerstone of my comprehensive approach to marketing.


Branding Development Theory and Implementation Proficiency


Content Marketing Theory and Implementation Proficiency


UI/UX Principles Theory and Implementation Proficiency


Analytics and Performance Metrics Theory and Implementation Proficiency


Web Designer

As a WordPress web developer, I’ve created numerous websites for nonprofit organizations, authors, and my own creative projects.

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