I’m super excited to share that the first draft of the screenplay for Equinox is done! It’s total crap, admittedly, but hey, it’s a first draft, and it’s more than I had at the start of the year!

Some of you might know that, when I first wrote Solstice, it also began as a screenplay. The idea was to just get the story out, and not worry about prose, descriptions, etc. I also thought that a screenplay would serve as a very detailed outline to help write the novel proper. The approach worked, as I then began work on the novel itself, and published it less than two years later.

I decided to take a similar approach this time. By focusing on just the story and the narrative, I was able to get the basic storyline down on paper. The result: a working first draft that helped me finally get the basic story down. And, wow, did I discover a few things along the way.

I won’t share many details except for what I’ve already shared before. This story is actually darker than Solstice, but the ending might surprise many. Well, at least the ending as it currently stands. Who knows what draft 2 will look like.

So what’s next? I’m either going to start reviewing the first draft, or taking a quick break from Equinox to do some other story (or screenplay) to give myself time to process the story.

Either way, I’m just excited that, at long last, Equinox is on paper (or in Scrivener, rather), and I finally have something to work with!

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