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Scribes have a dark gift. Whatever they write comes true. Even murder. When one Scribe threatens to write the end of the world in two weeks, an organization of covert Editors must race against time to find the culprit even as society begins to collapse.

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Now available on Amazon.

Teresa thinks she’s got it all figured out. If she could just go back in time and re-do her junior year of high school, her life would turn out so much better. But when an unemployed Aztec deity offers to grant her wish, Teresa figures, how hard could it be?

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Coming 2018

Quality loves her life. Her husband is perfect. They see Louis Armstrong and Elvis concerts—live. And she’s a Time Keeper, traveling through time to protect the timeline. A bit of unexpected news threatens to bring her perfect life to a halt. Then again, a talking cat, a horny demon, militarized penguins, and the Martian invaders were probably going to do that sooner or later anyway…


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