How to Save the Galaxy in 100,000 or Less

How to Save the Galaxy in 100,000 or Less

With a crew like this…

A grumpy, foul-mouthed captain who’s trying (and failing) to be a proper single mom. A giggly medical specialist with medicinal improvisations in lieu of actual medical training. A lazy, narcoleptic weapons specialist who blames everyone in her gun sights for her miserable life. An intelligent, sassy mechanic and cyber warfare specialist who just happens to be 10 years old. Meet the crew of the freelance vessel Adelita.

A bad week just got worse.

Nearly out of fuel, food, and sanitation water, Natalia Salazar and her oddball crew on the Adelita are glad to arrive at New Jalisco, home of (arguably) the galaxy’s best tostadas and pozole. They’re significantly less glad when the uninvited, orbiting fleet of Confederated Union of American Star Colonies warships opens fire on them.

They’re invading…why?

The Confederate invasion of Olmeca Alliance space has begun, and no one knows why…or why the Confeds are taking the trouble to deport trapped Olmeca citizens only to transport them back to the conquered planets as a cheap labor pool. The only thing certain is that the Olmeca Astral Force is no match for the Confed E3 Fleet…and that the tostadas and pozole will have to wait.

The deadliest, most destructive ship in the galaxy is deployed…to bring a message of peace.

Now, the Adelita finds itself caught in the middle of the undeclared war. Battling Confeds, Tech Cartels, former lovers, rival freelancers, bounty hunters, zombies, zombie fanboys, the dreaded Starbucks Fleet, and that one taco stand guy Natalia didn’t pay in full, the Adelita will have to rely on cannons, sexual frustration, insults, corn supplements, and that one powerful weapon Natalia refuses to use just to survive. And when the Olmeca Astral Force devises an unusual strategy to turn the tide of war, only one ship in the galaxy, the Adelita, is capable of executing it, halting the invasion, and finally liberating those tostadas and pozole from New Jalisco.


One of the three main projects in my queue. Look for the ebook in 2013…hopefully…

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