This Black Friday, wouldn’t you rather cozy up with a good book rather than staking out the local Best Buy for an 87″ TV that won’t even fit in your car and that you’ll have to commit at least 4 misdemeanors just to grab? Wouldn’t you love to find the perfect gift to give to ALL of the people on your list from the comfort of your own home?

I thought so too! And I have just the perfect thing for you!

The Perfect Teresa makes the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones. Because everyone loves time travel comedies featuring 80s pop culture references and unemployed Aztec deities. No, really!

Best of all, The Perfect Teresa is available on print via Amazon, or via ebook at any ebook retailer. That’s right, whether you’re a Kindle, Nook, or iBooks reader, The Perfect Teresa is available on your format!

Make everyone on your shopping list happy this year! And make yourself happy by staying home and reading a book about talking coyotes and guacamole!

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